Ugandan Billionaire Ivan Ssemwanga Buried In Grave Filled With US Dollars

by Kim Boateng Last updated on September 1st, 2017,

Members of Ugandan billionaire, Ivan Ssemwanga’s Rich Gang on Tuesday poured expensive champagne and filled his grave with US Dollars before his burial at his home in Kayunga, Uganda, in a ceremony attended by all and sundry. The flamboyant tycoon died recently at age 40
after spending close to two weeks on life support at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa. He had suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed.

The Rich Gang group, popular in Uganda and South Africa for its expensive lifestyle, sent-off their leader in a fashion that left mourners amazed. They popped a bottle of champagne and poured it in the grave and shortly after started splashing money. The floor of the white and black tiled grave was filled with denominations of Ugandan shillings, South African Rands and US dollars. The crowd jeered at the way they splashed money into the grave but the gang was unmoved.

Ivan Semwanga was known for splashing money on revelers in parties he attended in Uganda. Ivan Semwanga owns a chain of schools and apartments in South Africa. He also owns a student’s hostel in Kampala. Ivan Semwanga is much known for his flashy and partying and show biz. Whenever he lands in Uganda , it’s easy to notice that he is town because he was all over the media and he partied like there’s no tomorrow, he knows how to spend cash though one time he partied, things did not go well at club Guvnor because he failed to pay a beer debt of shs5 million.

His Rich Gang crew include his cousin Edward Kyeyune, aka Cheune, who is said to have hosted him the first time he illegally entered South Africa.Other members of the group include Shafiq Katumba, aka Katsha, and Lawrence Kiyingi, aka King Lawrence. They group displayed their opulence throughout the activities leading up to the burial and capped it up on the final day

His ex-wife Zari Hassan and their three sons were at the burial where she was under tight security especially after being accused of having a hand in the death of her ex-husband

Entebbe international airport was shut For Ivan Ssemwanga’s body

Extremely popular in Uganda, Entebbe international airport was shut just to receive Ivan Ssemwanga’s body when it was flown in three days before his burial. Thousand of Ugandans thronged Entebbe international airport to receive the body of Ivan Ssemwanga which arrived in Uganda from South Africa.

Popular Ugandan billionaire SK Mbuga together with other wealthy friends drove posh Hummers to Entebbe international airport to receive the body of Ivan. Mbuga is a real estate dealer, he has got a lot of property including land, commercial buildings and right now he has a hospital under construction along Ggaba road called Nu Shifa hospital. Ex-wife Zari Hassan and their kids flew to Uganda on the same plane that carried the remains of Ivan. Diamond’s wife donned a black dress and had bodyguards surrounding her all time.Ivan’s body was ferried in a maroon casket; it was taken to his Munyonyo home on the shores of Lake Victoria. The deceased was however buried at his rural home in Kayunga District, Central Uganda.

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