Woman Sentenced For Incestual Marriage With Biological Mother Who Was Also Married To Son

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on November 12th, 2017

Duncan, Oklahoma, USA : 26-year-old Misty Velvet Dawn Spann of Duncan, Oklahoma bagged a 10-year deferred sentence after pleading guilty to her incestual marriage with her biological mother. Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, was 25 when she married her birth mother, 43-year-old Patricia Spann, in Sept. 2016, according to Oklahoma District Court records.

This means a judge has postponed imposing a sentence for 10 years, after which Misty Spann will have to go back to court and the case against her will be dismissed.

She also will be placed under supervision for two years.

Their relationship was discovered last month by investigators with the Department of Human Services. But this is not the first time Patricia Spann married a family member.

Spann and her mother had the marriage annulled six weeks later.

Patricia Spann also said she “had looked into” the laws and concluded that marrying her daughter is not illegal because her name is no longer listed on the birth certificate. A police investigator found that Misty Spann’s birth record with the state’s Office of the Inspector General lists her paternal grandmother as her birth mother. Police believe the record was changed after Spann’s children were adopted.

However, Misty Spann’s original birth certificate from the hospital where she was born lists Patricia Spann as her birth mother, according to the affidavit.

Patricia Spann also was not using the same last name as her daughter. She was identified as Patricia Ann Clayton on the marriage license, which the two obtained from a neighboring county.

Records show the mother told an investigator she lost custody of her kids when they were little. She said that they were adopted.

It’s unclear why Spann lost custody of her children or when they were adopted by their grandmother. But police found that Misty Spann is not the only biological child Patricia Spann had married.

In December 2008, she married one of her sons, who was 18 at that time. Court records show that he filed for an annulment in March 2010. He listed incest as the reason, the affidavit said. It does not appear that incest charges were filed at that time.

She reportedly told the investigator she and Misty “hit it off” when they reconnected in 2014.

Records show she thought the marriage was legal since the mother’s name was no longer on the daughter’s birth certificate.

The mother is charged with incest and set for trial in January.

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