Video : U.S. Tourist Naked, Throwing Feces At Thai Airport, Arrested

by Kim Boateng Posted on

Phuket, Thailand : 27-year-old, Steve Cho, a South Korean native, who also holds a US passport, was arrested on January 4, after he ran stark naked around Phuket International Airport departure hall, yelling and throwing his own poo at staff.

The man’s naked rampage was caught on the airport’s CCTV cameras.

After Cho took off his clothes, he headed to the departure lounge, ignoring the airport’s staff who tried to calm him down. What is more, he defecated on the floor and resisted six security guards, throwing his own faeces at them.

According to a statement from Phuket International Airport, when the man recovered his composure – following his arrest by the police – he confessed to overdosing on Viagra pills and losing his consciousness.

The man apologizied for his actions and said he was ready to pay for the inflicted damage. Cho was sent to hospital for further psychiatric checks and remains in custody.


Kim Boateng

Kim Boateng

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