2 People Thrown 34 feet From Derailed Roller Coaster – Daytona Beach Fire Department

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on June 15th, 2018

Daytona Beach, Florida, USA: Two people fell about 34 feet after a roller coaster derailed in Daytona Beach, Florida, the Daytona Beach Fire Department said at a press conference.

Around 8:30 p.m. local time, today, three cars on a rollercoaster at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk came off their tracks.

Riders dangled from the cars, waiting for firefighters, who ended up rescuing 10 people, Sasha Staton, the fire department’s public information officer, said.

Six of the 10 who were rescued were taken to a hospital. The two who fell were more seriously injured. Their conditions weren’t known as of late Thursday.

Firefighters used ladders and rescue equipment to save passengers in the front of a derailed car and deployed a tower truck to rescue dangling passengers from the back two cars, .the Daytona Beach Fire Department said.

Just a month back, a bystander captured video footage of the moment a woman fell to her death from a roller coaster at an amusement park at the Pénjamo Fair, Guanajuato, Mexico. The woman fell after her mechanical restraint failed. The woman, 50 years old, Irma Sánchez Albarrán, died and her daughter, Nayeli Nohemí, 27, suffered serious injuries.

Nayeli Morales and her mother, Irma Sanchez, were on the ‘El Roster’ roller coaster when their harnesses failed and the women tumbled out of the carnival ride as it swung through the air.

The other occupants of the amusement ride and the crowd below can be heard reacting with panic and dismay as the appalling scene unfolded.

Sanchez suffered severe injuries and died following the accident. Her 27-year-old daughter Morales managed to survive, however she is in a serious condition in intensive care.

The State Attorney’s Office opened an investigation into the incident. The operator of the roller coaster reportedly fled the scene and has not yet been identified.

It’s not the first time an apparent roller coaster malfunction has led to death and serious injury. Last year a 13-year-old Chinese girl died after she was flung from a fast-spinning ride at an amusement park in southwest China, while four people were killed on the ‘Thunder River Rapids’ ride at an Australian theme park in 2016.Penjamo, Mexico

The chinese girl died after she was flung from a fast-spinning ride at an amusement park in southwest China.
An initial investigation into the grisly incident at Chaohua Amusement Park in Fengdu county, Chongqing municipality has found safety issues with the ride.

The victim’s seat belt was broken and a passenger safety bar did not fit tightly enough on the ‘Travel Through Space’ ride, according to the national product safety regulator. The ride, however, was reported to have passed a routine quality inspection in December.

Smartphone footage of the moment the young girl was hurled out from the ride has been shared by Chinese state media. It shows the ride spinning swiftly around as the girl clings to her seat before being ejected at speed and crashing to the ground.

Police confirmed the devastating theme park accident that killed four people at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast was caught on CCTV. The victims were named as Kate Goodchild, 32, her brother Luke Dorsett, his partner Roozi Araghi and a 42-year-old woman who remains unknown. The four people killed were just five seconds from safety when the craft hit an empty raft ahead and flipped.

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