5 Women fight at mortuary for body of man each called husband

by Kim Boateng Posted on May 9th, 2019

Kerugoya County, Kenya: Drama was witnessed at the Kerugoya County Referral Hospital mortuary after five women, all claiming to be the deceased wives appeared at the facility, causing confusion among mourners.

Kerugoya residents knew 32-year-old Peter Muriuki as an influential trader and boda-boda rider, who had several romantic relationships, The Standard reports.

It is alleged that when Jane Wambui, the wife who was living with the deceased got to the facility with other mourners, she found two other women seeking for a permit to collect the body.

Hardly had Wambui digested the shock when two other women, one carrying a baby and the other pregnant appeared, all claiming to be allowed to bury the body.

“If Muriuki had disclosed he had other women, this drama would not have happened but now we have exposed our family, there is nothing we can do since we have been subjected to the public ridicule,” Wambui expressed.

Kanyekini MCA, Harrison Ngiria had to intervene so as a solution to the matter could be sought.

“As their MCA, I had to take it upon myself and use all means to ensure that the trader was buried as planned,” Ngiria noted.

The intervention resulted to the deceased’s young brother signing the burial permit and taking charge of Muriuki’s estate.

The body was later transported to Ngomongo village, where the deceased resided and it was attended by all five women.

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