5mo Baby Girl Killed By Family’s German Shepherd Dog In Atlanta – Police

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on June 15th, 2018

Atlanta, Georgia, USA:  Clayton County Police Department said a family’s dog had to be euthanized after it mauled their 5-month-old daughter to death. Officers were called to a home off Watts Road in Forest Park (Atlanta Metro) in the early morning hours of June 10 after getting a frantic 911 call, according to Police.

When they got there, the family told officers their German Shepherd attacked the infant identified as Paige George.

Family told police they put the 5-month-old to sleep, and left her under the supervision of their roommate while they left for a few hours.

When they got home, they found the roommate asleep, and when they went to check on the baby, she had been mauled to death.

Family said the dog had been around the baby since her birth, and had never showed any aggression toward her or anyone else in the home.

Terika George, Paige’s mother, says she’s been constantly crying and that she apologized to her baby “because I always take you with me.”

Animal Control officers from the county removed the dog from the home, and it has since been euthanized.

Police finished their investigation and determined that there no unlawful act or neglect had been committed by anyone inside the home. No one has been charged, Clayton County Police Sgt. Ashanti Marbury says

A few weeks back, 52-year-old Tracy Garcia, was walking near her home on Banyon Road in Ardmore, Oklahoma. when her neighbor’s pack of seven dogs that weighed no more than 40 pounds each attacked and killed her, Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said Thursday.

The dogs were dachshund and terrier mix, one is believed to be a border collie mix.

“We were outside swimming and then all the sudden heard gunshots and dogs and screams and a helicopter came,” said Trinity Reynolds, an eyewitness who was nearby.

As first responders on the scene tried to help the woman, the dogs turned on them.

When police arrived on the scene, they shot one of the dogs.

“Unfortunately, yes. We had to shoot one dog,” Sheriff Chris Bryant told reporters. “It did charge our deputies and to protect our deputies, as well as the medical personnel, we did have to put down a dog.”

Tracy Garcia was taken to a nearby hospital where she died of her injuries.

The dogs were taken to an animal shelter where they were euthanized. The sheriff said the remaining dogs were euthanized at the owner’s request.

According to the shelter’s euthanasia technician, Amanda Dinwiddie, the dogs were dachshund mixes between the ages of one and three years.

“They have really noticeable characteristics like their knobby legs, knees, very short legged dogs and their coats,” Dinwiddle told reporters.

Dr. Douglas Aldridge, BS, DVM, the veterinarian who euthanized the animals at the owner’s request after the attack, said the animals likely wouldn’t be tested for further disease since Garcia had already been pronounced dead at the scene. Aldridge stated he estimated the weight of the animals from 35-60 pounds, and confirmed that the animals were infested with fleas and ticks. He noted no other obvious signs of disease.

“Mixed breeds can be difficult to determine based on visualizing. Sometimes it is obvious what the breeds are. This is usually two purebred dogs that have mated which have the characteristics of each breed,” said Dr. Barry Whitworth, DVM, the OSU Extension Area Food Animal/Quality & Health Specialist said. “However, when mixed breeds cross, it is very difficult to figure out what breeds are involved.”

Family members of the deceased declined to comment on the conditions that led to Garcia’s untimely death.

Her death is under investigation by the Carter County District Attorney’s Office.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims, and obviously the rest of the community, because this is a very unfortunate situation,” said Bryant.

Neighbors say dogs running loose in the area are a common occurrence. The sheriff says in the county area, there is no leash law or a rule on how many dogs a person can have.

In another incident in Altoona, Pennsylvania, three weeks ago, a 6-year-old boy is dead after he was attacked by his family pet dog, a pitbull, at the family home in Lake­mont. Blair County coroner, Patricia Ross, says the child died of blunt-force trauma from the dog attack that occurred just before 6 p.m..

Rick Vaughan, a friend of the boy’s family who lives a few blocks away, said the boy died after the family dog attacked him just before 6 p.m. Thursday at a home on Gesser Avenue.

Vaughan spoke on behalf of the family and said the boy’s father was cutting grass, heard the mother screaming and rushed to find “the dog on the boy.”

Vaughan said the father “did what he had to” to get the dog off the child.

“It was already too late,” Vaughan said. Vaughan said he has known the boy’s father since they were young kids.

“His mother is taking it very, very hard,” the 32-year-old Vaughan said. “He passed away in her arms.”

The dog that mauled the boy is dead, and the family asked police to take a second dog from their home.

Logan Township police remained at the home on Gesser Avenue late Thurs­day and have not released the boy’s name.

In a similar incident, a pit bull went rogue and attacked its own family earlier the same week in Florissant, Missouri.

The event occurred near sunset on Monday. The pit bull attacked all members of the family of four, three of whom — one adult and two teens — had to be taken to the hospital for their leg and arm injuries.

The family managed to barricade the dog in a room before the pit bull could strike another innocent person. Police eventually arrived and took the dog into custody, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The traumatized family — which had only owned the dog for a few months — told the authorities their dog was a pit bull. However, animal control tried to complicate the dog’s origins by saying it was a pit bull-bulldog mix — a common tactic among pit bull advocates.

The town of Florissant previously had a building ordinance banning pit bulls, but the city council voted to strike it down last year.

The family should be thankful nobody died in the attack. Last week, two pit bulls killed a 75-year-old woman in Gulfport, Mississippi. Her wrong move: she opened a fence gate.

A 75-year-old woman in Gulfport, Mississippi, was mauled to death by two pit bulls Wednesday morning.

Police quickly responded to a call from the woman’s neighbors who reported that she was being viciously attacked by the dogs. But the cops didn’t arrive in time to save the woman. She died from her wounds before an ambulance arrived on the scene.

The owner of the two pit bulls, 32-year-old Deidra Craft, has been arrested by police. This is not the first time Craft’s pit bulls have gotten in trouble. In 2017, her two dogs broke into a neighbor’s yard and attacked a golden retriever.

That incident resulted in a misdemeanor charge for Craft. No charges have yet been filed in the fatal mauling and both pit bulls have been surrendered to animal control.

Pit bulls were responsible for nearly two-thirds of all dog-bite fatalities in America from 2005-2017. There are numerous cases of the dog breed turning on their owners.

Last December, a Virginia woman who posted numerous photos of her two pit bulls online was found dead by police while her dogs chewed on her rib cage.

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