Distraught Lady Goes Unclad In Public After Ex-Husband Slaps, Abuses Her (Video)

by Kim Boateng Posted on September 4th, 2017

Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Sept 4th: A woman ran into her ex-husband at a shopping mall in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. He first slapped her and then said that everything on her body was paid for by him. Angered by the accusation, she took off everything on the spot to the astonishment of her ex-husband who called the police for help.

The woman in question was strolling in a shopping mall last Saturday (Aug 19) when she met her ex-husband. He slapped her on the face and started pointing to what she was wearing. “I bought you the iphone,” he said, and she responded by throwing it on the ground.

He then said, “Your clothing was also bought by me.” The woman was so fed up that she started taking off first her outer clothing, and then her un**es. This created quite a scene.

Photo: Distraught Lady Goes Unclad In Public After Ex-Husband Slaps Abuses Her

When the woman tried to take off her bra, the man quickly wrapped his arms around her and called the police.

The woman eventually left n**ed by the lift. A woman believed to be a mall staff member picked up her clothing and gave it back to her.

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