Eze Goes To School In India But Sadly Will Return To Nigeria In A Casket

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on August 20th, 2017

Mumbai, India. Police In India are reportedly working to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of a young Nigerian man who was stabbed to death in India today. The man simply identified as Chibueze is said to be resident in India and had reportedly moved to India to further his education in pursuit of greener pastures. Police have a “whodunit” on their hands as fingers have been pointed at Eze’s girlfriend, also a Nigerian and an unnamed man whom he supposedly fell out with. Regardless of “whodunit”, a young ambitious man’s life has been snuffed out in his prime.

This is what a fellow Nigerian in India, Blacgold with supposed knowledge of the matter had to say on his social media account:

“A humble fellow who left Nigeria to India in search of a better life and then Later fall in love with one runs girl who came to India to hustle on a street level. This early morning announced death? by stab. The girlfriend send him to early grave. What a life?The picture is the victim and girlfriend”.

Blacgold also wrote;

ip Brother,this is so shock,just imagine this stupid prostitute stab his boyfriend to dead after all what this cool and innocent guy did to her life.I wish I can see this girl right now and you will never leave to tell the story.what a painful death.Continue to rest in the Bosom of the Lord,we love you but God love you most

Another Nigerian In India who also claims knowledge of the situation came on the comment section on social media to insist that the deceased, Eze was not killed by his girlfriend but by a man.

Photo: Eze In India

Truth indeed can sometimes be stranger than fiction. In the movies and in sitcoms and soap operas, they will say something like, “the plot thickens”, but this is not a movie. This is real life and comments by those who claim “knowledge of the matter” is mere speculation for legal purposes and for purposes of news reporting. Law enforcement  will usually let the evidence (or lack thereof) lead the way and Nigeria Circle will tag along to bring you updates as they are made available by the police and the courts, if applicable. The Mumbai police say Chibueze’s girlfriend is helping them inn their investigation as they consider her a peson of ineterest in thye matter.

Hopefully, the Nigerian community in india will do the needful to ease the burden, financial and otherwise , on Chibueze’s family.

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