Guests Find Hedgehog in Hotel’s Pillow After It Pricked Woman’s Butt

by Kim Boateng Posted on October 7th, 2017

In Xi’an, China, four guests had arrived back to their hotel room at night and noticed that there was an odd stain on one of the pillows. They didn’t take any notice of it until one of them, a woman, sat herself down on the cosy hotel bed. Moments later, she shocked her friends by letting out a scream, followed by drops of blood oozing out from her butt@cks. What on earth had just happened?

Well, it turns out that they had a very cute, unexpected and uninvited guest making its appearance known. Taken aback by their friend’s injuries, they investigated and unearthed a little hedgehog hiding inside the pillow that their friend must have landed on. The hedgehog must be rather sturdy too!

Dumbfounded by their bizarre discovery, three of the guests immediately reported the matter to the hotel’s manager. However, to their consternation, the hotel manager refused to acknowledge their complaint and would not admit that there was a hedgehog there.

The argument quickly escalated into a brawl and the police was notified. When the police arrived and investigated on the cause of the fight, one of the guests told them, “We told the manager that there is a hedgehog in our room but he just won’t admit it.”

Presumably even more baffled by the reason, the police continued to investigate and sure enough, they found the little hedgehog sitting calmly at the crime scene. It looks rather bloody too! However, the manager still would not admit that they were in the wrong as he said that the guests had checked in that morning but there were no issues.

The owner’s wife also said that their cleaners would thoroughly clean the rooms every day so they had no clue why a hedgehog could possibly in the pillows. The police have confirmed that they are still investigating the reason.

Perhaps someone could just take that cute creature home as a pet, though?

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