Man Sticks “Manhood” Into Gym Weight, Fire Dept Cut Weight To Free Him

by Kim Boateng Posted on September 17th, 2017

Worms, Germany. Sept 17th:  A resident of the German town of Worms, on friday, September 15 for reasons best known to himself, decided to stick his “manhood” into a 2.5 kg weight plate at his local gym. And then, it got stuck.

After many attempts, when doctors were unable to remove the weight, the town’s fire department was called in to free the unnamed man, local German news media reported.

The town’s fire department, his rescuers, had use power tools to cut the weight in order to free him. According to reports, the man had to be sedated before the firefighters, using angle grinders and a hydraulic rescue device, succeeded in breaking the plate.

The entire effort took around three hours.

Photo: Man Sticks Panis Into this Gym weight, Fire Dept Cut Weight To Free Him. firefighters succeeded in breaking the plate after using angle grinders and a hydraulic rescue device

The firefighters later shared the tale on the department’s Facebook page, with the warning: “ Please do not imitate such actions!”

They also posted a photo of the weight, after it had been broken, of course.

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