Son Grants Dad’s Dying Wish For Female Dancer To Perform On His Grave In Bizarre Video

by Kim Boateng Posted on August 15th, 2017

An unidentified man’s last wish was reportedly for a female dancer to tw*rk on his grave when he dies. In a bizarre video his son granted his wish after he died. A st**pper was invited by the son of a dead man to twerk on his grave. The lady could be seen twerking while the dead man’s son, coaxes her on while talking to the dead man. The friend repeatedly called the dead man pop which is USA slang for father meaning that the friend who arranged for the st**pper is more than likely the dead man’s son. “We f***ing love you pop”, the son concludes

Grave In Cemetary

following further comments on this video in social media , it was seen that the dead man, indeed requested for the st**pper to tw*rk on his grave as some who claimed to know him confirmed on social media.

In a related incident A Jamaican dancer recently broke her neck in a club while tw*rking in the air. In a video which has now gone viral, a young girl is seen getting into position for the dance and trying to find her balance.

She lifts her legs into the air and as soon as she feels she’s found her balance, she raised her legs higher and began to tw*rk until she rolled over and her neck snapped painfully. She was completely paralyzed from her neck downwards.

According to many comments on the video the girl was later pronounced dead.

In another related incident People were left amazed after some Zimbabwean Prostitutes took to the podium to tw*rk and dance at the funeral of their dead member. It was an unexpected dramatic event as Zimbabwean Prostitutes came out to twerk at the funeral service of their late colleague which took place at a beerhall in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Prostitutes dance at funeral of dead member

It seemed like a party, but it was actually a funeral service as the Prostitutes paid their last respects to their dead colleague. As they tw*rked, the Prostitutes were joined by some men who engaged them in serious ‘bum dance’ as the crowd cheered.

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