TN homeowner finds naked man on couch, drinking juice after break-in

by Kim Boateng Posted on April 20th, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee:  A man,  James Wooten, is accused of breaking into a North Nashville residence, stealing the homeowner’s food and drinking his juice while sitting naked on his couch, according to a Metro Police affidavit.

James Wooten, 67, has been charged with aggravated burglary and public indecency, the affidavit stated.

Officers responded to a report from the homeowner claiming he opened his door and found Wooten naked sitting on his couch naked while drinking juice.

The victim told police that he did not know the man.

He added that he attempted to call out to him and the suspect began screaming and dumped the juice on the floor.

When officers arrived, the suspect was still sitting inside the residence.

Officers called Wooten, who came to the front door wearing only a t-shirt.

While standing in the doorway, Wooten reportedly lifted up his t-shirt, exposing his genitalia to officers and began screaming.

Police took him into custody inside the doorway.

During the arrest, the victim observed that Wooten had gone through his refrigerator and took out a container of ice cream valued at $5, as well as the juice, valued at $3, before consuming both items.

Police found that the victim’s bedroom window was left slightly ajar and his blinds were bent back, which helped locate Wooten’s entry point.

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