USA – Police Hunt For Man That Broke Into A Barn And Molested A Male HORSE

by Samuel Abasi Last updated on April 13th, 2017,

A disturbing story in the Green Bay , Wisconsin area that happened over the weekend. A horse owner discovered her horse was abused and possibly molested by someone who broke into the barn. The barn is located on the far east side of town off Highway 29.

Jackie Miller keeps her quarterhorse Gringo there, which is also a boarding facility for horses. Friday night it was the barn owner who saw a man run off, leaving Gringo in his stall.

They later made the gruesome discovery and called authorities right away.

“Definitely one of those things you see it all over Facebook in the horse world, people share it all the time, they’re like ‘Oh my gosh he’s out, or my horse was molested,’ and you see it all over Facebook, but you don’t really think it’s going to happen to you,” said Miller.

After getting the alert from the barn owner where she keeps her horse, Miller came in as quick as she could to check on Gringo.

“It was probably 9:30 at night and we were getting ready for bed and so we threw on our barn clothes quickly and we came out here and I gave him a 360 check,” said Miller.

That’s when she saw it. Miller said, “I noticed that his rectum was bleeding, and then right as I said that the barn owner ran inside and called the police.”

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office confirms it’s investigating this case of animal abuse but they have not identified a suspect.

The owner of the barn, Jerry Maske said he has since improved his security.

“The best thing was I put in motion detectors and everything that beep in my house so I know when someone is here when I know people aren’t supposed to be here,” said Maske

Miller said she has put a lock on Gringo’s stall and recommends other horse owners do the same.

“I would definitely start taking the extra precautions before it happens, like if you have to lock your horse’s stall at night and if that’s not an option, maybe the barn can lock itself somehow, maybe they can have a security alarm system or something to have a key code where you have to type it in,” said Miller.

Miller said her horse is recovering.

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