Video: Baby Pulled Alive From Grave Hours After Burial

by Kim Boateng Posted on June 9th, 2018

Canarana, Brazil: A newborn baby girl was rescued from her grave hours after her family buried her alive in their backyard, supposedly in the mistaken belief she had died according to the military police of the state of Mato Grosso who helped save her and  are investigating the incident.

The baby was born in Canarana – 838 km from Cuiabá – in central west Brazil on Tuesday. Her mother, a 15-year-old who gave birth in the bathroom, reportedly said the baby fell on the bathroom floor and hit her head.

The mother’s grandmother, Kutz Amin, later told police she thought the baby had died as it didn’t cry.

The police received an anonymous tip that a baby’s death wasn’t reported to the authorities.

Searching the garden that night, police recovered what they thought was a baby’s body. Video of the investigation shows two police officers digging. Suddenly, they hear a little sound coming from underground, and when they pulled the baby out, she was still alive.

The baby, who still had her umbilical cord attached, was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. She was placed in intensive care and had suffered two fractures to her skull.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the burial, and say it’s possible that family members may have attempted to kill the baby by burying it.

“The child was buried around 2pm but we were only called to investigate the incident late that night,” Canarana’s military police chief, João Paulo Bezerra do Nascimento, said. “This was worrying because it was many hours after the event. By the time we arrived we never expected to find the child alive.”

“We could hear a sob, very small, under the ground,” Bezerra added

“When the police began digging, we could hear a very small cry, underground. We saw that the child was alive, we took it from there and took it to the hospital, “commented the commander.

“It was like a miracle, no one believed that this child could be alive and eventually thrilled everyone there,” concluded the commander.

The girl is in the Regional Hospital of Água Boa, 736 km from Cuiabá.

Doctors initially said the infant was in stable condition, but her health has since deteriorated. Later reports indicate that she now requires surgery. The teenage mother has also been hospitalised due to complications following the birth.

The family are indigenous and the grandmother said she followed traditional Indian customs in burying the infant in the backyard. According to police, she also told them she believed the baby had died from premature birth. However, a medical evaluation found the baby was full term. The woman now faces attempted murder charges,

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