Video: Marathon Runner’s “D!ng D0ng” Flop Out During Race

by Kim Boateng Posted on October 3rd, 2017

Jozef Urban’s p@n!s and t@st!cles slipped out of his shorts as he took on the last stretch of a marathon in last weekend’s Košice Peace Marathon in Slovakia. He finished tenth in  one of Europe’s oldest marathon-length races.

As the competitor, Jozef Urban,  neared the finish line, his package flopped out and vigorously bounced around, giving onlookers an eye-full as they cheered him on.

Jozef Urban either didn’t notice his misfortune, or he didn’t care. The runner notched up a personal best, shaving 27 seconds off his previous, record.

The runner’s p@n!s and t@st!cles flopped out as he reached the race cl!max

It was towards the final hundred metres that Jozef Urban really set pace, which while earning him an impressive time, also meant that his panis waggled more thoroughly. His testicles too.

Indeed, at one point Jozef Urban ran with such energy that it looked as though his private parts may separate themselves entirely from his groin. Thankfully, they held fast.

Photo: Jozef Urban

The crowd, like Jozef Urban, didn’t seem bothered. They cheered him raucously on, waving and shouting for the final push.

You can see a few astonished expressions, a handful of laughs, but mainly, people celebrated a fine 26 miles, balls and all.

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