Video: Winter Olympics Fans Throng Fertility Park Filled With Giant “Fertilizers”

by Kim Boateng Last updated on April 30th, 2018,

The ongoing winter Olympics, in Pyeongchang, South Korea has breathed near life into nearby, Haeshindang Park, the fertility park filled with giant phalluses which the locals affectionately call panis park. The park is filled with curious tourists who come to relish the giant pen**es.

Mostly of the wooden variety – dozens of pen**-shaped sculptures stand erect in Haesindang Park in Sinnam. The unusual obscure attraction has seen a huge spike in visitors fascinated by the variety of phallic shapes, including pen**-shaped benches, pen** totem poles and even a pen** shaped cannon – that tourists have been warned not to mount.

The attraction is dedicated to a virgin who, according to local legend, died in a storm as her boyfriend collected seaweed from a rock in a nearby cove.

According to one version of the tale, the village was unable to catch fish after her death, so they mas***bat*d into the sea, apparently appeasing her spirit. In order to keep her spirit satisfied fishermen erected a shrine of a phallus on the cliffs of the village.

The extraordinary park contains dozens of wooden and stone carved pen**es, and it is considered a monument of fertility.


Kim Boateng

Kim Boateng

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