Viral video shows Florida police pointing guns at 2yo girl

by Kim Boateng Posted on January 22nd, 2019

Tallahassee, Florida: Tallahassee Police have responded to a video of an arrest that has gone viral on social media, showing a toddler walking with her arms raised while officers have their guns drawn.

It happened Thursday around 4:30 p.m. near the parking lot of the Bealls Store on Capital Circle Northeast.

The department says it got a call about shoplifters inside of the store. Officers say an employee reported they saw one of the men with a gun.

Officers arrived on the scene quickly and conducted a stop on the suspects’ pickup truck.

A local woman and her daughter were recording on a cell phone.

In the video, you can hear them saying, “She’s trying to get out. Oh, my God. She’s trying to get out but she can’t because she’s little. Ooh, she’s holding her hands up. Oh, my God.”

They couldn’t believe it as a toddler climbs out of the pickup truck and walks toward police with her hands in the air.

TPD spokesperson Damon Miller says officers approached the situation according to the information that they’d gotten about the suspects being armed.

“It’s just for safety because we don’t know who else is inside the vehicle. If you look at the video, there are multiple that actually did come outside of the vehicle. It’s very important that our awareness is very heightened on a situation like that,” Officer Miller said.

Officers say no one was hurt during the ordeal.

The two people arrested were 34-year-old Chad Bom and 38-year-old James McMullen. They are charged with petty theft.

Police a pellet gun was found in the back seat of the vehicle.

Officer Miller says TPD is reviewing the video that was posted to social media, as well as the officers’ body cam video.

On Friday night, the Tallahassee Police Department released a video on Facebook with a message from Chief Michael DeLeo, as well as body camera footage from the incident.

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