Wife Sacked For “MOANING LOUDLY. MAKING FUNNY NOISES” During Rape Undergoes “Cleansing”

by Kim Boateng Last updated on July 25th, 2017,

The Ugbugbu community in Owukpa, Ogbadibo LGA of Benue State has rallied to save the marriage of 28 year old Ejalo (surname withheld) sent away by her husband for “MOANING LOUDLY. MAKING FUNNY NOISES” as robbers took turns to rape her at their home on Bello Street, Iyana Ejigbo area of Lagos State, Nigeria. Before leaving Lagos for country home in Owukpa for spiritual cleansing, Ejalo reportedly went for HIV test which came back negative.

Speaking on the development, the Ochoklobia of Ogbadibo, Johnson Agada said the man should accept the wife back after the spiritual cleansing since it was a case rape, the gods would look the other way.

“No, its not really her fault. It’s really painful. The man should allow her do alekwu and return home,”

Ejalo who hails from Ifikeri, in Itabono Owukpa is expected to spend sometime in the village to perfect the spiritual cleansing. Ejalo (surname withheld) has reportely arrived her husband’s Umufu home at Ugbugbu community in Owukpa, Ogbadibo LGA of Benue State for the cleansing exercise.

“During this process, she is not expected to step into her father in-law’s compound nor shake hand with the oldest person in the family. She would be forced to go before Ekwu Anya in Ipole Ugbugbu with a three-day old chick and some kolanuts for prayers.From there, she would move to Aje’Owukpa in Ipole Owukpa where the cleansing would perfected by the chief priest,”

The husband has reportedly already sent the bride price to a courier so he could return it to the wife’s family.

The Ochoklobia of Ogbadibo, Johnson Agada, the eldest man in Ugbugbu community, Mr. Ameh and other community leaders are urging the man to take his wife back once the “cleansing” is completed.

“The truth of the matter is that the man is not ready to accept the wife back. He had since sent the bride price to the Ogbobonya for a refund but some family elders are still trying to meditate to see how they could resolve the matter,”

Man Sacks Wife For “MOANING LOUDLY. MAKING FUNNY NOISES” During Rape By Robbers In His Presence

A distraught man whose identity was given as Baba Eneh, a road transporter and a native of Owukpa in Ogbadibo LGA of Benue State, Nigeria has sent his wife newly married wife packing because according to him, she was not only moaning in excitement, but she was “MOANING LOUDLY. MAKING FUNNY NOISES” in enjoyment as robbers took turns to rape her in his presence at their home on Bello Street, Iyana Ejigbo area of Lagos State.

The heavily armed gunmen reportedly invaded their house around 3am and demanded for money. Baba Eneh said he told the robbers that he only had N3’500 at home.
Baba Eneh begged the robbers to leave them after collecting the money, saying that they just got married and trying to settle down. Angered by the man’s inability to provide more money, the robbers descended on the wife and took turns molesting her.

To the shock of the husband, the newly married wife was apparently enjoying the rape as she was not just moaning in excitement, she was “MOANING LOUDLY. MAKING FUNNY NOISES”

After the robbers had taken turns to rape his wife and finally left, the man reportedly ordered her to leave the house on the ground that she disgraced him.
It is against the gods of Owukpa for a married woman to sleep with another man, the husband claims. The man who was apparently afraid of dying, asked the wife to return to her village until the necessary sacrifices are done to appease the Owukpa deities.

The chairman of Owukpa Youths in Lagos, Samuel Adikwu, said the group had been informed of the development but declined to provide further details because it was a family affair.

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