Zambian Police Arrest 3 Commercial Women For Abducting And Molesting A Man For 9 days

by Samuel Abasi Last updated on April 11th, 2018,

3 prostitutes were arrested by the Zambian police, for allegedly abducting and molesting a Lusaka-based Psycho-social counselor for 9 days. The victim’s coworker who pleaded anonymity, said they got worried after he didn’t show up to work over a week ago, which led to the search.

“We decided to start looking for him because we got concerned after noticing that our colleague has been missing from work for over a week. We went at Chelston small market where he drinks from and when we got there with his mother who had come from Chongwe after hearing that her son aged between 27 and 33 years had gone missing, people at the market told us they had last seen him with the three prostitutes.

“When we got their, one of them came out and lied that she and her friends had not seen him. We then decided to report at Chelston police where we were issued with a call out for the three prostitutes and when we went back at their home to deliver the call out, one of them came out again and revealed that they had the counsellor inside” he said.

Investigation revealed that the prostitutes, who were dragged to Chelston police on Tuesday, where two were locked up,were having sax with the victim day and night for 9 days.

However, the two commercial workers were released, after it was learnt that the victim volunteered to be abducted by the three women.


Samuel Abasi

Samuel Abasi

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