Publisher Offers $10M For Dirt On Trump That Leads To Impeachment

by Samuel Abasi Last updated on April 16th, 2018,

Washington, DC, USA: Hustler founder Larry Flynt is reportedly offering up to $10 million for information that would lead to the impeachment of US President Donald Trump. An advert is reported to be running in the ‘Washington Post’ on Sunday explaining the details of the offer. The advert was tweeted by Fox Business anchor Liz Claman, with that tweet then being retweeted by Flynt’s official account.

In the ad, Flynt calls Trump an “illegitimate” president who “was installed only by the quirks of our antiquated Electoral College”.

The advert says that impeachment would require “unimpeachable evidence” and said that’s why a $10 million reward is being offered.

Flynt then goes into detail about the reasons he believes Trump should be removed from office. These include President’s Trump’s firing of former FBI director James Comey, his withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate change agreement and his response to Charlottesville.

Trump received a barrage of criticism for giving a number of differing statements on the Charlottesville events at a rally protesting the removal of a confederate statue, which ended with a woman being killed after a car was driven through a crowd of counter-protesters.

Trump said that there was blame on “both sides” before backtracking

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