South Africans Slam Honoring President Zuma With Statue In Nigeria

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on October 17th, 2017

South Africa President Jacob Zuma, who is facing over 700 cases of corruption charges in his home country was recently honoured by Imo State governor, Rochas Owelle Okorocha with a 520 million naira statue.

The governor unveiled the statue in the presence of the South African president and other dignitaries in a ceremony in Owerri. Okorocha named a road in Owerri after the South Africa President and honoured him with a chieftaincy title. Governor okorocha also conferred on President Zuma, the Imo Merit Award, the highest award in the State conferred on distinguished personalities who have made a difference in the development of their communities and to humanity.

Zuma was on a two day visit to Owerri, Imo State, South East Nigeria. The visit of President Zuma, according to Imo State government, is for the signing of an MoU between Rochas Foundation and the Zuma Foundation. with former Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo was also in attendance.

South African President; Jacob Zuma, was pleasantly surprised as he received a live portrait painting of his image (dressed in Igbo attire) from the National speaker of Youth Assembly of Nigeria (YAN); Rt.Hon. Samuel Godstime Chukwubuikem who made the painting within 1 hour 26mins at the Heroes Villa, Ikemba Ojukwu centre, Owerri.

Gov. Rochas okorocha who was overjoyed by the creative work of art created by Artist Godstime said: “My political son; Godstime, You are in no doubt Imo State Youths Ambassador, I am so proud of you”.

The south African ambassador to Nigeria was immediately directed by President Jacob Zuma to effect Rt.Hon. Godstime’s visit to south Africa for some engagements.

South Africans reacted to the erected statue of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa by Imo State governor, Rochas Owelle Okorocha.

They took to their social media to lash out their anger on the governor for honouring a man who is facing over 700 cases of corruption charges in his home country.

Most of them insinuated that Nigerians wanted a free pass to import drugs and illegal people into their country, hence the statue.

Below are some of the comments:

Papiki Noko Mphalaborwa: That is an awesome strategy by Nigeria to unveil the showerhead statue. They want a free pass to import drugs and illegal people into our country

Klass Happy Marobola: Even top criminials respect Zuma for his crooked ways.

Charles Ernest Doller: Too many drugs that killing our south Afruca and shame on Zuma for his honour with this corruption 782 or maybe more during 2017.

Lisa Shosha: Can they take him and make him a permanent resident.

Phiri James Gordon: The most corrupt country in the world honours one of their own.

Antonella Di Cicco: Stop wasting your money on Nonsence and feed your people.
Dudley wells: Isn’t that the state where all the drug dealers come from? They are honoring him for protecting the trade.

Leon Barries Bernard: Why don’t they just take Zuma , we will donate him to Nigeria with a years supply of pap en vleis.

Ehiscuttie Craig: He was not honoured by Nigeria, he was honoured by a state that are known for drugs dealings all over the world.

Muzi Nsibande: The most corrupt president in the African continent is honoured with a bronze statue in one of Africa’s most corrupt country Nigeria.

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