NATIONAL NUCLEAR POWER ROADMAP: Nigeria Developing Atomic Energy For Power Generation – Atomic Chief

by Samuel Abasi Last updated on June 29th, 2017,

The Chairman, Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission (NAEC), Dr. Erepamo Osaisai, has reaffirmed that implementation of Nigeria’s NATIONAL NUCLEAR POWER ROADMAP is on course. He said the agency is developing atomic energy for production waste and water resources management as well as power generation, according to it’s mandate under the nuclear power roadmap. Dr. Erepamo Osaisai noted that nuclear energy was not only for the development of weapons of mass destruction but was also useful in agriculture, food production waste and water resources management as well as power generation, adding that Nigeria is developing atomic energy for such purposes. He stressed that atomic energy is an important component of the energy mix that will address the nation’s energy problems. NAEC Chief, Dr. Erepamo Osaisai made these assertions when Garba Abari, Nigeria’s National Orientation Agency (NOA) Director General, paid him a visit.

On his part, NOA Director General, Garba Abari stated that an attitude change programme was underway to correct the negative perceptions about nuclear energy among Nigerians. He said in the light of on-going efforts towards sustainable energy supply in Nigeria, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) has also identified atomic energy as an important component of Nigeria’s energy solution.

The NOA boss said while Nigeria is expanding its hydroelectric power generation and exploring solar energy, there was need to pay close attention to nuclear energy which has little impact on climate and long term cost efficiency. He said NOA was engaging with critical stakeholders to close the knowledge gap about the use and relevance of atomic energy in national development and the functions of NAEC among citizens, using Information, Communication and Education materials.

The NAEC Chairman, Dr. Erepamo Osaisai underscored the imperative of partnership between national organizations for mutual effectiveness, noting the importance of NOA in the on-going implementation of the national nuclear power roadmap through community sensitizations and mass education on the developmental importance of atomic energy exploration

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