Newcastle United FC Is For Sale And Vince McMahon Chatter Returns

by Samuel Abasi Last updated on May 27th, 2019,

Mike Ashley owner of English Premier League side, Newcastle United FC, is looking to sell the club, and is thought to get any business done quickly. The Toon tycoon is ready to call time on his stint as owner after 10 years at the helm at St James’ Park.

After months of rumours and speculation that Chinese, American and Middle East investors want to buy the club, Newcastle United FC  released a statement signalling it’s intentions.

The statement read:

“As a result of increasing press speculation regarding the future of Newcastle United, the owner of the club, St James Holdings Limited, wishes to clarify its intentions.

As one of the Premier League’s oldest and best supported football clubs – and for the benefit of its many fans and supporters in the UK and across the world – Newcastle United requires a clear direction and a path to a bright and successful future.

To give the club the best possible opportunity of securing the positioning and investment necessary to take it to the next level, at what is an important time in its history, its present ownership has determined that it is in the best interests of Newcastle United and its fans for the club to be put up for sale.

To give an incoming owner the maximum possible flexibility to make meaningful investment in the club, including in its playing squad, the sale process will give interested parties the opportunity of deferring substantial payments.

“A process will now commence of identifying new ownership for the club that will be capable of delivering the sustained investment in and dedication to the club that is necessary for it to achieve its ambitions.”

Of course, it’s not the first time Ashley has put the club up for sale. He did the same following fan protests in September 2008, taking it off the market in the December. When Newcastle were relegated from the Premier League at the end of that season, he attempted to sell the club again, abandoning his attempts to sell up for a second time several months later.

This time, though, it seems the club really could be about to change hands. Completely ignoring the reports that financier Amanda Staveley is interested in buying them, many football fans reacted to the news by re-circulating rumours of a possible takeover by WWE CEO, Vince McMahon.

surely the Vince McMahon buying Newcastle rumour has got to return now

— Zach Sutton (@zsqprfc) October 16, 2017

McMahon was bizarrely linked with a move to buy Newcastle several years back, although nobody really seems to know where or how the rumour started up.

Predictably though, news that Ashley is once again awaiting offers has seen many tweet that McMahon may actually fancy becoming the new owner of the Northeast club.

I *still* live in hope that, one day, Vince McMahon will buy Newcastle United.

— Niall (@NiallAJT) October 16, 2017

Everyone’s making memes about it but just imagine the absolute scenes if Vince McMahon actually bought Newcastle United.

— JΛY BUCKS (@TheMasterBucks) October 16, 2017

Maybe Vince McMahon will be buying Newcastle again now….
— Michael Robinson (@_MRPT_) October 16, 2017

Vince McMahon is going to buy Newcastle United.

— Reg (@ReggiePenn) October 16, 2017

I’d f****ng love it if Vince McMahon bought Newcastle.

— hi i’mㅤㅤㅤsteve (@gilmxn) October 16, 2017

Mate imagine if Vince McMahon buys Newcastle

— Jev (@ThomasJeavons) October 16, 2017

Remember when Vince McMahon wanted to buy Newcastle?
— Kieran Johnson (@SirKJohno) October 16, 2017

Hmm, could it actually happen? No. Of course it can’t.

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