Patriots owners Robert Kraft Spa Masseuse Arrested After Video Shows Sexual Encounter

by Samuel Abasi Posted on April 25th, 2019

Cops have arrested another woman in the Robert Kraft prostitution case — a 58-year-old who allegedly performed a sexual act on the Patriots owner with another woman at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Jupiter Police arrested Shen Mingbi — who cops say was in the massage room with Kraft on January 19, 2019.

A judge ruled Mingbi will be released on $5,000 bond on the condition she surrenders her passport and does not work in the spa/massage industry.

According to the police report, Kraft was joined in the massage room by 2 women — one of whom was Mingbi.

Officials say the encounter was captured on surveillance and shows both Mingbi and Lei Wang using their hands on Kraft’s penis.

Officials say Mingbi was also involved in sexual acts with several other men at the spa.

Wang had already been arrested and charged in the case — but now, officials have busted Mingbi too.

Mingbi has been formally charged with 1 count of deriving support from prostitution and 8 counts of offer to commit prostitution. She’s in court right now (Tuesday) to face the charges.

As for Kraft, he’s got a hearing on Friday where he’ll continue to fight to block officials from releasing the spa video to the media.

Kraft has claimed the release of the video would hamper his ability to get a fair trial because it would taint the jury pool.

Kraft has several high-profile lawyers, including William Burck, whose biography states he was special counsel and deputy counsel to President George W. Bush and a former federal prosecutor in New York. Published reports indicate Burck also represented at least three current or former officials in President Donald Trump’s White House.

Mingbi had a court-ordered bond of $5,000 on the deriving support from proceeds of prostitution charge, and was released on her own recognizance on the other charges, records showed. She was released Tuesday from the Palm Beach County Jail, records showed.

Mingbi must surrender her passport and travel documents and can’t work in a spa or massage parlor, records said.

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