Video: 10 Red Cards, 8 Yellow Cards In Brazil Football (Soccer) Match

by Samuel Abasi Posted on February 19th, 2018

A Brazilian football (soccer) derby finished early after players received 10 red cards and 8 yellows during a match between E.C. Vitória and Bahia in the Bahia state championship.

In the 50th minute, Bahia were awarded a penalty after which a massive brawl broke out as the footballers celebrated the goal.

Following a 16-minute delay in an attempt to restore order, the referee gave out eight red cards to players from both teams. However, the match went on until two other players were dismissed.

The score in the Bahia state championship clash was 1-1 when Bruno Bispo became the tenth player, and the fifth from Vitoria, to be shown the red card.

With teams requiring a minimum of seven players, the referee was forced to end the game, which eventually resulted in it being counted as as 3-0 victory for Bahia.

Ironically the goalkeeper who started the brawl was not sent off

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