Video: Eagle helps golfer make a Hole in One

by Samuel Abasi Posted on March 13th, 2019

A British Columbia golfer captured video of an eagle that helped him transform a decent shot into a hole-in-one.

The golfer said he was playing his first round of the season at a Vancouver-area course when an eagle landed on the green of the second hole and started toying with his ball.

The video shows the eagle toying with the ball before finally dropping it into the hole.

“I was playing my first round of golf of the season. 2nd hole, par 3, I hit my tee shot onto the green. As I walked towards it, a Bald Eagle swooped down and started to take an interest in my ball, trying to pick it up and fly off with it. I started recording while ‘encouraging’ the eagle to drop the ball in the hole. Excitement ensued when he did indeed drop it in the hole for my first ever hole in one. Despite the rules of golf saying I need to replace it (which I did and missed the putt), this will still go down as my hole in one story for life.” the filmer wrote.

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