400 Pass Out: Jehovah Witness Convention Attacked With Poison Gas In Angola

by Kim Boateng Posted on August 27th, 2017

Luanda, Angola. August 27th.  Jehovah Witnesses were attacked on Friday with some sort of poison gas at a convention with over 7,000 in attendance in Angola, Africa. Some extremists reportedly behind the attack have been detained by the police and the motive is thought to have been retribution for a recent loss in the elections there. More than 400 witnesses passed out according to local news media, when they breathed the toxic gas.

A witness, Abraham Kituxi, claimed that his sister-in-law was one of the first to collapse. She told him that she had smelled something foul before passing out. Shortly thereafter, more people began collapsing, creating panic throughout the venue. Some witnesses called the police and firefighters, who assisted with evacuating the victims to Cazenga Municipal Hospital and Cajueiros Hospital.

The toxic product that triggered the situation had been spread by a group presumably consisting of seven older individuals, three of whom are already in police custody.

Said Manuel Ricardo, an eyewitness:

“one of the defendants was arrested in one of the bathrooms changing clothes, the other to try to enter one of the ladies bathrooms with the same purpose and the third to transpose the door. Everyone did not show the buttons that were distributed to participants in the event by the organization, and one of them was carrying a paste containing various garments. The toxic substance caused by the fainting, whose chemical composition has not yet been found, was in containers of 750 thousand litres of various colors, scattered in strategic locations, which is already in possession of the experts of the provincial research service Criminal of luanda and central crime lab.”

The Clinical Director of the municipal hospital, Panda Dombaixi, revealed, the patients complained of lack of air, chest pains and had purple eyes.

Photo: Jehovah Witness Convention Attacked With Poison Gas In Angola

Most of them were put into recovery in the hospital yard and those who had a more serious state were delivered to the infirmary.

“Clinically there were no worrying cases because some patients recovered as they talked to the service medical team. Some even only with natural oxygen exposure “, he explained.

Police are yet to identify the toxic substance, but noted that it was in containers of 750 thousand liters spread throughout the venue. No deaths have been reported.

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