Amsterdam – Cartel Hitman Charged With Attempted Murder Of Nigerian Over Dodgy Drugs Deal (Photo)

by Ike Obudulu Last updated on March 24th, 2017,

Two Irishmen, including a key associate of the Kinahan crime cartel, are being questioned by Dutch police about an attempted murder of a Nigerian national  in a pub in the centre of Amsterdam. The “hit” failed after the gun jammed and the intended victim fled from the pub and alerted a passing police patrol.

In follow-up enquiries, armed police officers arrested four suspects and seized three firearms, including the weapon that was to have been used in the shooting.

Dutch cops believe Chubb, another Dublin man and two English pals were involved in a dispute with the Amsterdam drug dealer. The Nigerian man involved in the row with Chubb is known in the Netherlands and is suspected of selling fake drugs to tourists. KINAHAN cartel member Gareth Chubb alegedly tried to  whack the Nigerian man over a dodgy drugs deal.

The Kinahan associate – Gareth Chubb (30), originally from Keeper Road, Drimnagh – is regarded as a “second tier” member of the organisation’s major players. He was also a close friend of David Byrne, who was murdered at the Regency Hotel a year ago.

Chubb, a convicted drug dealer, was arrested along with a “low-level” associate from Inchicore, Dublin. All four men are being questioned in relation to the firearms recovery and the attempted murder. It is not believed that the incident is linked to the ongoing Hutch-Kinahan feud.

A police patrol was passing the pub in Rembrandt Square in the centre of Amsterdam at around 8.45pm on Sunday when a man ran out and alerted the officers to the presence of at least one armed man in the premises. Armed police officers arrived at the pub and the three guns were seized following a search.

Four men – including Chubb, another Dublin man aged 23, and two UK nationals aged 29 and 37 – were still in police custody in Amsterdam last night and can be held without charge for up to six days.
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