Detained Iranian-American Marzieh Hashemi Is Testifying: Court

by Samuel Abasi Posted on January 19th, 2019

Marzieh Hashemi, an Iranian-American woman arrested five days ago during a visit to the U.S. is testifying behind closed doors to a grand jury in Washington, D.C., a U.S. federal judge said Friday.

The disclosure by Beryl Howell, chief judge of the U.S. District Court in Washington, marked the first time any U.S. authority has provided information on the mystery surrounding Marzieh Hashemi, an anchor on Press TV, the English-language version of Iran’s state television.

Family members say Hashemi, 59, was detained at St. Louis’ Lambert International Airport on Sunday and then taken by the FBI to Washington.

But the FBI and other law enforcement bodies refused to comment, declining to say whether she was even in their custody.

Judge Howell said Hashemi has not been charged with any crime, but has made two appearances in District Court. She is expected to be released when she completes her grand jury testimony.

Howell’s order did not say when Hashemi might wrap up her testimony and gave no information on the case in which she was testifying.

However, Hashemi’s lawyer, Preston Burton, said, “we expect that she will soon return to her family, her home, and her career.”

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