Flights suspended at Germany Hannover airport after car incident

by Kim Boateng Posted on December 29th, 2018

Berlin Germany: Flights were suspended at Hannover airport in central Germany on Saturday after a man drove a car through a gate and onto the apron where planes park and are loaded, authorities said.

Hannover police said on Twitter that officers stopped the car and overwhelmed the man. Federal police were investigating whether the driver of the Polish-registered vehicle was mentally disturbed, under the influence of drugs, trying to carry out an attack or drove through the perimeter for some other reason, German news agency dpa reported.

Am #hannoverflughafen ist es gegen 15:40 Uhr zu einem #Sicherheitsvorfall gekommen. Ein Mann hatte mit einem Pkw ein Tor durchbrochen und fuhr auf das Vorfeld. Beamte der #Bundespolizei konnten den Pkw stoppen und den Mann überwältigen. #Flughafen #Hannover #Airport — Polizei Hannover (@Polizei_H) December 29, 2018

Bomb disposal experts were examining the car, which police described as a routine measure. Take-offs and landings of planes were suspended.

The airport’s terminals remained open — except for part of one terminal that had a glass facade facing the car.

It wasn’t immediately clear how long flight operations would be suspended.

The Hannover airport isn’t one of Germany’s major hubs.

The man was believed to have acted alone. He apparently has no official residence in Germany.

Police opened an investigation on suspicion of dangerous interference in air traffic and resisting officers, and were considering whether to have the man taken before a judge Sunday to try to have him kept in custody. His motive remained unclear.

Federal police said the driver tested positive for amphetamines and cocaine. They said the man wasn’t carrying an identity card.

The police statement issued later Saturday said authorities had taken a blood sample and were still working to be certain of his identity

The international airport in Hannover handled 5.87 million passengers last year, though it isn’t one of Germany’s top hubs.

Image: Passengers wait at the airport in Hanover on December 29, 2018 after a security incident resuled in flight operations been suspended when a man broke through a gate with a car before being stopped by Police.

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