Fragments Of Crashed Saratov Airlines Flight #6W703 (An-148) With 71 On Board Found In Moscow Region

by Kim Boateng Posted on February 11th, 2018

Moscow, Russia: There are reportedly no survivors as debris of Saratov Airlines’ Flight #6W703 With 71 On Board which crashed near the village of Argunovo in the Moscow region, has been spotted from the air in the countryside near Moscow, rescue services told Russia’s state media.

The Plane departed from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. The Antonov An-148 plane operated by the domestic Saratov Airlines was flying to Orsk, a city in the Urals, and crashed in the Ramensky district outside Moscow.

The plane AN-148 owned by Saratov Airlines had its first flight in May 2010. It has a maximum speed of 820 km/h and can carry up to 80 Passengers, Nigeria Circle News has learnt.

“It is in the field in the Ramensky District. Rescuers have not reached the scene yet,” the source earlier said.

Earlier the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) said it has dispatched rescue teams to the reported crash site.

Flightradar24 ✔ @flightradar2: “We are investigating media reports about an aircraft crash in Russia.”

Flightradar24 ✔ @flightradar2: Flight #6W703 took off from Moscow at 11:22 UTC time and 5 minutes later we tracked it descenting with 3300 feet per minute before the signal was lost.

Flightradar24 ✔ @flightradar2: The speed and altitude graph for flight #6W703 show a descent from 6200 feet to 3200 feet during the last minute before the ADS-B signal was lost about 20 km south-east of Domodedovo Airport.

Flightradar24 ✔ @flightradar2: Saratov Airlines flight #6W703 was performed with a 7 years old Antonov An-148 aircraft with registration number RA-61704

Flightradar24 ✔ @flightradar2: The great circle distance between Moscow (DME) and Orsk (OSW) is 1,448 km. Avarage flight time for flight #6W703 is 2h 11 min.

Flightradar24 ✔ @flightradar2: We have download the full ADS-B data from Flightradar24 ADS-B network for flight #6W703. The data show that the aircraft was falling with 22,000 feet per minute when the signal was lost.

“The plane crashed near the village of Argunovo. passangers as well as the crew could hardly survive,” emergency personnel told reporters, adding that the plane dissapeared from radars two minutes after departure.

Russian authorities have also confirmed that fragments of the crashed airliner have been found.

Antonov An-148 operated by Saratov Airlines and carrying 65 passengers and six crew went missing shortly after take-off from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, an emergency services source told Russian media.

Rescuers have now arrived at the site and found two bodies from the crashed plane.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered his condolences to the families of people killed in the Saratov Airlines jet crash and ordered a probe into the tragic and deadly incident, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Vladimir Putin “offers his deep condolences to those who lost their loved ones in this accident,” Dmitry Peskov said in a statement. He added that Putin had instructed the appropriate authorities to probe the Saratov Airlines plane crash.

“The President ordered the government to create a task force [to investigate] the air accident in the Moscow region,” Peskov said, adding, “he also directed the agencies concerned to carry out necessary search and rescue operations.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened an investigation into the crash of a Saratov Airlines plane near Moscow.

Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov flew to the site of the crash near Argunovo village in the Moscow region, officials confirmed.

The Head of the Moscow Region Department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry stated that one flight recorder from the crashed An-148 has been found.

The Russian Transport Ministry has confirmed that no one survived after the flight 6W703 crash, while the country’s Emergencies Ministry published the list of the passengers and crew members on their official website.

The White House on Sunday issued a statement regarding the deaths of 71 people who were on board the passenger plane that crashed near Moscow.

“The United States is deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of those on board Saratov Airlines Flight 703. We send our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and to the people of Russia,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.

Three children, ages 5, 13 and 17, were reportedly among the passengers on board.

Below are the names of the victims released:

1. ANOKHIN Victor
4 Gakhramanov Namig
7 Kiseleva Ekaterina
8 KLAEV Yuri
9 Anatoly Kolyodzny
10 KOROTKOV Evgeny
11 KOVCHUGA Lyudmila Sergeevna
13 LEVANOV Evgeny (child)
14 LEVANOV Evgeny (born in 1979)
15 SERGOSHKO Alexander
17th SINITSINA Tatiana
19 AKNAZAROV Tamerlan Turibekovich
21 ALEKSEENKOT Kriskentiya Nikolayevna
22 BOYKOVA Ekaterina Mikhailovna
24 Vediborenko Ilya Vladimirovich
25 GAUSSB Alfia Akzamovna
26th Grachev Alexey Evgenyevich
27th Dryshova Irina
28 Gromov Igor
29 DAVYDOVA Elena Vasilyevna
30 Victor Dolbin
31 DRAGINA Margarita
32 IVANOV Vyacheslav Anatolyevich
33 Ilyinov Yevgeny
34 KALASHNIK Marina Alexandrovna
35 KARMALEV Boris Alexandrovich
36 KOZUPITSKAYA Antonina Ivanovna
37 KRASOVA Hope (child)
38 KRASOVA Oksana
39 Purepov Oleg
40 MACHNEVA Svetlana
41 Natalia Meshcheryakova
42 Momzikova Christina
43 NAZAROV Maxim
44 Nasirova Ekaterina Pavlovna
50 Sergey Panchenko
51 POLETAEV Ilya Sergeevich (child)
52 RADCHUK Inna Evgenievna
53 REMARCHUK Vladimir
54 SON OF ULYAN (СОН Ульяна)
55 STAVUS Ilya
56 Tolkachev Vyacheslav
57 TOLKACHEV Ivan Vladimirovich
58 Tolkacheva Love
60 TULKUBAEV Firgat Rinatovich
61 Marina Urazaeva
62 Usachev Vladimir Pavlovich
63 KHOHLOVA Olga Anatolievna
64 Tsigichko Olga
65 YAMAEV Yuri


66 Gubanov Valery Ivanovich
67 GAMBARIAN Sergey Arsenovich
68 SLAVINSKAYA Anastasia Vladimirovna
69 KOVAL Victoria Olegovna
70 GAVRILOV Sergey Vladimirovich
71 KUZMIN Oleg Vladimirovich


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