Former President Yahya Jammeh wants shift in deadline from midday to 4pm to vacate office

by Ike Obudulu Last updated on January 22nd, 2017,


Conflicting reports have emerged about the whereabouts of embattled  former Gambian leader,Yahya Jammeh. While it was reported yesterday night that Yahya Jammeh has dissolved his cabinet following mass resignations and that he plans to oversee all government ministries himself as he clings to power, his exact whereabouts remains unknown hours after new Gambian president, Adama Barrow was sworn into office on Thursday.

Jammeh disappeared as military forces of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) entered the country from Senegal.

Meanwhile, Gambian top soldiers have blasted  Jahmeh telling reporters that he is not worth dying for.

A video has also emerged that appears to show Yahya Jammeh’s army chief Ousman Badjie dancing on the streets with Gambian citizens following the inauguration of internationally recognised President Adama Barrow in Senegal at Gambia’s Dakar embassy yesterday.

The West African troops await orders after suspending operations to give Jahmeh one last chance to cede power.

Former President Yahya Jammeh may have asked a shift in deadline from midday to 4pm to vacate office as ECOWAS soldiers close on him.

Government sources said the request was made when the leaders of Guinea and Mauritania arrived in the capital, Banjul, in a final diplomatic effort to get him to cede power which he tried to cling to after losing the Dec. 1, 2016 presidential election to Adama Barrow. – Beyond news. Connect. Empower your future.

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