Macron’s Uncivilized Behaviour In Burkina Faso A Major Embarrassment For France

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on November 29th, 2017

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso : France’s 39 Year old President, Emmanuel Macron, publicly humiliated his host, Burkina Faso president, an uncivilized behavior, that put his immaturity on display and a major embarrassment for France. The president of the African nation had to leave the room during Macron’s speech at a local university as a result of Macron’s disgraceful behavior.

Meeting with the students of the University of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso on Tuesday, the French leader reiterated his position that France’s paternalistic approach to the African countries should be ended. The tradition of African nations reproaching France in case if something goes wrong should also be broken, he said, adding that the students spoke to him “as if he were a president of Burkina Faso” when complaining about the poor state of the university.

“Sometimes you talk to me like I’m still a colonial power,” the French president said. “But I do not want to deal with electricity in universities in Burkina Faso,” Macron added, smiling.

Apparently warmed up by a mix of laughter, applause and whistling in the audience, Macron carried on. “It is the work of the president [of Burkina Faso],” he said, pointing at President Roch Marc Christian Kabore, who was listening to Macron’s speech from the same stage.

At this point, Kabore suddenly stood up and left the room. “He’s leaving… Stay there! So, he went to repair the air conditioning,” Macron shouted after the African state leader. The video posted on Macron’s Twitter account has been edited to exclude his comments addressed to Kabore.

Social media users reacted with saying the French leader “disrespected” his counterpart, having displayed “arrogance” and “immaturity.”
“Imagine a foreign country president having such an attitude in France and say the same thing to Macron,” a Twitter user pointed out.

EARLIER: “Civilized” Macron Calls Africans Uncivilized Sparking Outrage – Social media is throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at France’s 39 Year old President, Emmanuel Macron for saying in a press conference during the just ended G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, last weekend that “civilization” problems and women having “seven or eight children” were hampering development on the African continent. A 28 second edited video clip of Macron’s response was shared on social media and it provoked outrage, with some accusing him of racism and of blaming women for poverty.

Asked why there was no concerted effort to help the African continent economically, Macron said:

“A successful demographic transition when countries still have seven to eight children per woman – you can decide to spend billions of euros, you will not stabilize anything. At the moment, spending billions of euros outright would stablize nothing. So the transformation plan that we have to conduct together must be developed according to African interests by and with African leaders,”

He acknowledged the fact that France was a former colonial power that controlled dozens of territories across Africa but a “simple money transfer” was not the answer to the continent’s problems.

Macron also listed issues including Islamist terrorism, drugs and weapons trafficking but said there were examples showing the “continent is a land of opportunity”.

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