[SHOCKER] Nigerian Medic In UK Fired From Hospital, Loses Licensce

by Ike Obudulu Last updated on August 13th, 2017,

Nigerian Medic In UK Fired From Hospital, Loses Licensce. A RADIOGRAPHER who did a ‘belly flop’ on a pregnant woman’s stomach during her 20-week scan has been suspended for 12 months. Nigerian  Senu Sejoro used the patient’s stomach to regain his balance during a clinic appointment at Burnley General in May 2015, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) was told.

Conduct committee bosses ruled the incident, as well as another episode where he reduced a woman to tears with his insensitive approach, were part of a catalogue of ‘wide-ranging failings’.
Mr Sejoro, who was dismissed after a six-month probationary period with East Lancashire Hospitals Trust, is understood to have returned to Nigeria and did not attend the hearing in London.

He also worked at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, during his stint as a sonographer, where he was posted alongside more experienced colleagues.

Mr Sejoro was accused of six charges relating to his professional competence, which were found approved with one minor exception.

Announcing the suspension, panel chairman Lubna Shuja said: “The registrant’s lack of competence led to patients refusing to be scanned by him and had an impact on colleagues whose work levels increased as a consequence.

“His work rate was slow, which meant that he was performing three scans per session whilst his colleagues completed 10 or 12 per session. This further increased their workload. The failings identified in this case were wide-ranging.”

The hearing was told the incident at Burnley General was witnessed by his line manager, Julie White, who was watching a clinic via Skype, after concerns had been expressed regarding his competency.

Later she said:
“It was a complete surprise, I have never seen anything like that before.”
Another mother-to-be, who was seen by Mr Sejoro at the Royal Blackburn, said she was left upset after the sonographer made ‘umming’ and ‘aahing’ noises during her scan. She left the consultation fearing something was wrong with her baby.

The HCPC panel also heard he had also made mistakes in checking a foetus, involving a third patient. Mr Sejoro had expressed remorse for his level of performance, as part of the investigation, and indicated he wanted to improve. But he had not engaged with the council before his return to Nigeria.

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